About Taqeem

Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM) is the regulator of the valuation profession in Saudi Arabia. Taqeem works on implementing laws and legislations which allows valuers to practice the profession according to the International Valuation Standards (IVS). Taqeem also provides training courses which accredits and qualifies practitioners based on international practices. Valuation contributes in preserving rights and achieving justice through providing professional services and high-quality valuation reports. Because we believe in promoting trust and transparency in the market as well as creating an attractive investment environment in alignment with the Saudi vision 2030, we have chosen “Trust in Value” as our slogan.


Improve Valuation profession quality in the Kingdom and raising members’ level, in order to achieve international leadership.


Develop valuation profession and its regulation , level up provided services and increase awareness and transparency in the profession



Maintaining the best standards and promoting its application, and providing outstanding levels of support, services and products.


Show honesty and respect to enhance trust in the community and ensure fairness in the market.


Guided by strong principles to build and consolidate trust and credibility.


Operate with transparency and clarity through effective communication both internally and externally.

Focus on Client

understand clients needs and seeking to engage them and take their feedback on an ongoing basis.



Organize the valuation profession and set standards and regulations.


Promote the valuation profession and improve the proficiency of valuers ethically and professionally.


Accredit and qualify valuers to practice valuation and oversee their performance.


Activate professional control over members and licensed establishments in accordance with international valuation standards


Consolidate the public trust in the valuation profession and elevate it to be one of the most prestigious professions.
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