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Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem) held a professional session to review the most important updates in the Valuation Review Manual, on Wednesday, 8/6/2022, presented by Eng. Sameh Zeidan, consultant at TAQEEM, Real Estate sector.

During the session, Valuation Review Manual 2022 was reviewed with its objective, which includes supporting and enhancing valuation standards in the Kingdom, ensur trustworthy valuation processes, and enable TAQEEM'S members to review valuation reports. During the session, Eng. Zidan mentioned the purposes of reviewing valuation reports, which include legal procedures, eminent domine purposes, and financial reporting including auditing and reviewing, and assurance testing. Eng. Zidan underlined the importance of reviewing valuation reports in ensuring the reasonableness of the approved methodology and valuation summary in the context of the scope of work, in accordance with international valuation standards and TAQEEM's requirements.

This session is part of series of professional sessions that TAQEEM keen to present and seek through which to update members and practitioners with the latest developments in the profession, manuals of professional practice and international valuation standards. more than 500 members attended the session. You can find Valuation Review Manual 2022 in the Taqeem electronic libraryhere

To watch full session, please visit our official channel on YouTube: Click here

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