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Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem) has reinvite to all its members who have a “temporary basic” membership category in all valuation branches to expedite the completion of the requirements for obtaining the authority’s fellowship certificate to obtain the membership category “Basic Fellow”; This is due to the imminent expiration of the deadline given to complete the requirements on the date 17/1/1444 corresponding to 15/8/2022. Where this directive is based on the provisions contained within Article (40) of the Accredited Valuers System issued by Royal Decree No. (M/43), dated 9/7/1433 and its amendments.Which stipulated that valuer may continue to practice his work as a “main member”, provided that he is no longer in this capacity and he is obligated to stop practicing the valuation profession if he does not pass - within five years from the date of entry into force of the system - the examination of the fellowship certificate or the examination that it holds The authority to rehabilitate him, and the granted period has been extended for a similar period according to Ministerial Resolution No. (6046) dated 2/2/1439.

The authority was also keen to provide the necessary support to holders of a “temporary basic” membership category to complete the training path and complete the requirements for obtaining the authority’s fellowship certificate, by increasing the number of courses, tests and discussions within its training plans; This is in order to accommodate all requests for obtaining a fellowship certificate before the expiry of the term, in addition to forming technical and administrative work teams to ensure the provision of the necessary support to holders of the “temporary main member” category.

In accordance with the provisions of Article (3) of the valuers' system, TAQEEM has stressed that no natural or legal person may practice the evaluation profession in any of its branches unless he is licensed to practice the profession.

TAQEEMS made it clear to “temporary basic” membership holders that it welcomes answering all inquiries related to the transitional phase and its procedures through all means of Authority, including the system available on its website or by calling the unified number (920011244) or through its accounts on the website. Social media (Twitter).

With the wishes of the Authority to its members further progress and success, and to achieve professional practice in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations.

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