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The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM) has conducted a workshop on “Wheel Angle Measurement Operations” on Sunday, 12th of June 2022 at Taqeem Center for Training and Development, several members of VDA sector have attended this workshop.

The workshop dealt with a field application on a number of vehicles, as well as indirect damages to the suspension system that need to be repaired properly and safely, and weighing wheels' angles in the vehicle, such as changing the anti-lock brake system, changing the steering angle sensor, or any weighing operations for the vehicle's radars and cameras. , which requires the valuer to carry out additional work to weigh the angels of the wheels after carrying out repair operations to ensure the proper and safe repair of the vehicle

TAQEEM keen to provide workshops and professional sessions to increase the expertise and develop valuers' skills, give them all updates in VDA sector, enhance the competencies they need during their work. Among the issues that have been recently raised and the extent to which they are affected after damages occur in the vicinity of the wheels or vehicle body

In addition, a number of TAQEEM'S staff have participated in CPE course to provide valuers in the field with the required skills to measure wheel angles using the latest electronic devices that give accurate indications of the condition of the vehicle’s suspension system and its impact as a result of the damage to the vehicle.

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