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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting the International Valuation Conference in its 12th edition for the first time in Middle East and Arab world, which is a major international event for the professional valuation community. It will be held in Riyadh from 3rd to 5th of October 2022, to discuss valuation profession's future and its best practices, and to understand new valuation standards and methodologies. The conference held under the auspices of Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, aims to shed light on valuation profession and promising opportunities it achieves, transfer and benefit from international experiences in the profession, review local and global best practices in the valuation profession, review the developments in the profession and the latest international regulations and regimes, and highlight role of the valuer in preserving rights and achieving justice.

The conference will witness a remarkable presence of speakers and those interested in valuation from all over the world. More than 3,000 prominent international experts and speakers in valuation and visitors will participate in its activities, as well as many international valuation entities and organizations, relevant government and private sectors, local and international valuation companies, institutions and offices, members of professional authorities, local and international experts in the valuation profession, businessmen and investors, and students at Saudi universities.

The conference includes 4 dialogue sessions and 20 work papers, in addition to an exhibition accompanying. The sessions discuss the importance of valuation in the economy, the future of valuation profession and its challenges, and marketing of valuation services considering the Corona epidemic and its beyond. Several Excellencies, secretaries and CEOs of government entities, officials in international bodies and organizations, and accredited valuers from members of Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers “Taqeem” will speak at the sessions.

It is scheduled that participation in the conference activities will be available in person and online, noting that the conference is a unique platform for accessing the latest updates in valuation, understanding new valuation standards and methodologies, an opportunity for knowledge exchange between countries and a basic means for exchanging experiences between valuers around the world, which contributes to development of valuation profession. The conference is held every two years in different countries, and aims to connect valuers, regulators, academics, and practitioners to discuss important topics and the latest trends in the profession. The exchange of knowledge between international valuers, who share their experiences and opinions, in addition to addressing emerging and challenging professional issues that focus on the future of the profession, through an agenda that includes substantive multidisciplinary discussions, training sessions, and dialogue for specialists in the valuation sector and heads of valuation organizations over the world.

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