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Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers "Taqeem" works to qualify, train and accredit valuation profession's practitioners and raise the quality and professionalism of valuation work in the Kingdom. Accordingly, it established Taqeem Training and Development Center to serve the professional and practical sides in vehicle damage valuation and machinery and equipment valuation sectors, and raise the level of Taqeem members' qualification by providing professional courses, as the center is equipped with the devices, equipment, machines and tools that are necessary to provide live knowledge and practical applications. The center has provided more than 50 training courses in vehicle damage valuation sector and machinery and equipment valuation sector, more than 680 specialized and practicing professionals got benefit since the beginning of the year 2022 until now. 

It is the first of its kind in the Kingdom in providing specialized professional courses, which serve a number of sectors in addition to vehicle damage valuation, such as car companies and body repair workshops (dentures),، which in turn raise the level of repairs quality through correct applications and practices approved by vehicle manufacturers, and maintaining the safety of vehicle users after repair, and the center was accredited in 2021 by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI),IMI)، through mutual designation between Taqeem and the Institute for fellowship granted by TAQEEM in vehicle damage valuation and fellowship provided by Institute of Motor Industry (IMI). 

TAQEEM has worked on preparing training packages to provide continuing professional education courses for vehicle damage valuation sector, which focus on the principles and foundations of vehicle body repair at three levels (foundational, supplementary, and advanced), which keep pace with the latest technologies and factory standards for vehicle body repair, provided by qualified and distinguished staff to prepare training packages and transfer expertise in valuation and vehicle repair procedures.. 

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